An advisory is a recommendation made by federal, state, or tribal agencies to limit, or avoid, consumption of fish or shellfish harvested due to contaminants. State advisories are typically geared towards recreational anglers. Please note: advisories are site-specific.

Why are advisories site specific?

Fish consumption advisories are site specific because fish contaminant levels, which are linked to what a fish ate, are site specific.

How does a fish get put on an advisory?

An advisory is placed on a species of fish when a group of fish captured from the same sampling site contains unsafe levels of contaminants based on standards developed by the EPA and FDA.

Who is responsible for state advisories?

The development and maintenance of advisories are a collaborative effort. Responsible agencies may vary state to state, but typically a state branch of the EPA, the department of natural resources, and the state department of public health are involved.

Here is an example of how the partnership usually works. One agency, like a state branch of the EPA, is responsible for testing and another agency, like the state department of health, is responsible for reviewing the test results and issuing advisories.

Test results are compared to EPA and FDA standards for safe levels of exposure. If contaminants in a population of fish exceed safe levels, an advisory will be issued. Recommendations to limit, or avoid, consumption correspond to the type and amounts of contaminants found.

Fish Consumption Advisory Resource List


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Michigan Department of Health & Human Services
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Minnesota Department of Health
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Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services
Missouri Fish Advisory

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Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy
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North Dakota

North Dakota Department of Health
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Ohio Department of Health
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South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources
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Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
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