Lake Orchard Farm Aquaponics


Sheboygan, WI 53083

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Name: Nate Calkins
Phone: (920) 627-3249
Open: Year-Round
Shop: In-Person, Wholesale


  • Tilapia

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  • Filleted
  • Smoked


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About Lake Orchard Farm Aquaponics

Here at Lake Orchard Farm Aquaponics, we run a clear-flow aquaponic system that is all natural. We manage our water with our fish and plants in mind when trying to create the best environment for both. Our fish are fed naturally certified feed derived from fish and insects. We purge our fish in a filtered freshwater system for 5 days and chill them prior to harvest. The meat averages 8-12 ounces per fillet and is flaky and white/pink in color. I can guarantee that it will be the best Tilapia you have ever eaten.