ColdSnap Aquaponics LLC


Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Contact Information

Name: Pamela Walker
Phone: 715-421-9000
Open: Year-Round
Shop: In-Person, Wholesale


  • Tilapia

Product Form

  • Filleted
  • Head on Gutted
  • Whole


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  • Processing
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About ColdSnap Aquaponics LLC

Eat clean. Eat organic. Those are the first words you see when you visit the ColdSnap Aquaponics’ website, and rightfully so. It’s the company’s mission. ColdSnap is a family-owned and operated Aquaponics Alternative Farming System located in Wisconsin Rapids. The company takes pride in producing eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, organic produce year-round in Central Wisconsin and surrounding areas. ColdSnap takes a 21st Century agricultural approach to produce greens, veggies, and fish in a simple closed-loop system that’s ecologically sound. Their 10,000-square-foot greenhouse provides a year-round growing environment, with harvesting happening 365 days per year. They do not use pesticides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizers in their production system, making their products all-natural, and chemical-free. Our company grows 90,000 heads of lettuce, spinach, microgreens, tomatoes, cucumbers, kohlrabi, beets, and other shallow root veggies, ColdSnap has partnerships with local schools. hospitals, restaurants, and grocery stores to provide them with fresh produce.